The need for change – new Graffico logo


For some time something was hurting us, it did not fit.
After 30 years, it’s time to refresh. To a new stage and a new visual identification. For a new logo.
Although the sentiment and nostalgia are huge, we feel that we do not fit into the present logo anymore. It no longer fully reflects our vision, mission and who and what we feel. It didn’t suit us anymore.

We reach higher and further.

However, the immortal orange stays with us. Because we are still colorful and still creative, although firmly rooted in production and steel, in large-scale masterpieces.

We needed a distinguishing feature, something that would distinguish us not only with color, something that would reflect our willingness to reach the stars, which would somehow illustrate our signage to the sky. We needed SOMETHING to show how high we can reach and how high we will reach.


New Graffico logo


We chose a giraffe. We have always felt that she is close to us. That suits us. Suits Graffico.

For us, the giraffe is the epitome of high awareness, intuition and perception. She is vigilant and prepared. In addition, a bit majestic, and of course tall. And we like height very much.

However, it is not an ordinary giraffe. Because we are not ordinary.

Our giraffe has wings.

It is a strong and important element for us. Because not only the giraffe itself reaches high and its head in the clouds, but thanks to its wings it breaks conventions, all barriers and limitations. He can be where he wants to. It can be high, higher than other standard and real giraffes.

Wings are enhanced by the themes that are important to us: creativity, freedom and freedom, great opportunities and originality that is literally out of this world.

Wings are knowledge, imagination, enthusiasm and ambition. With these attributes, we will enter a new chapter of Graffico with a new logo.

Wings are also a symbol of going beyond what is human, what is standard and obvious.
And that’s exactly what we want the Graffico logo to carry with it.

The symbolism of the giraffe with wings perfectly reflects our plans for the future.
And they are BIG and go HIGH.


Graffico rebranding processes