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In Graffico, we create sky-high signage!

We are signage specialists, truly and indisputably.
We are professionals in three fields of signage: gas station branding, large scale pylon signs and constructions and serial visual identity manufacture and assembly for chain-store companies.

We implement sign elements strongly believing that signage can be admirable. We do not boast. We are good at sign making. Truly and indisputably.

IF you are looking for cooperation with the company that is experienced, professional, has extensive knowledge and cares about quality, design, technology and ecology - you are in good hands.
30 years
experience on the market

What we offer?


Soaring poles and constructions are always eye-catching and make you customers find the right way on highways and in the cities.
We guide you through the whole process.


Pylon signs are like small and big masterpieces designed in such a way that are a harmonious part of the landscape and architecture and they aesthetically and successfully stand out our brand.
Be visible from a distance!


We design and manufacture welcome signs and freestanding letters which a prestigious visiting card of cities and regions. Take care of local image and promotion.


We implement a complex process of gas station branding and rebranding starting with design creation, technical documentation, audit, ending up on realization and installation. We manufacture pylon signs, directory signs, canopy, roof lining, lighting, highway welcome signs, shop identity, display stands and litter bins for segregation.


Giant size illuminating letters, which attract all eyes. Prefect technology, sub-assemblies, professional installation all over Poland – you will really enjoy working with us!


If you need illuminated and rotating element to display posters and promotion information, ambient activities in your city or region?
It is fitting. We manufacture the product that you will adore.

Litter bins for segregation

Customized, functional, aesthetic, modular, user-friendly, which encourage us for segregation.

We design and manufacture to make your brand look eco.


It is the dot on I. Installations are immensely vital because each customer values aesthetics, trouble-free assembly, professional tools, experienced teams, your own time.
Unconditional quality will make you fully satisfied.


If security, quality and design play the first fiddle in your corporate identity, Czystojak is dedicated for you. It is a perfect solution for successful, aesthetic and user-friendly touches hand disinfection.

From idea, design to implementation


Graffico specializes in highly sophisticated and hight aesthetic signage manufacture. There are no impossibilities for us. For each idea we offer the best technology and design. We manufacture sky-high signage at the same time keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

We know that:

Design matters.

It is the details that make sign elements special. It is most important for us, but we also remember about precise technology that guarantees product longevity.

Manufacture is the foundation.

A long-lived, timeless, unique, eco product is the result of high-quality subassemblies, precision and good quality management.

Installation is the dot on i.

It is the final touch of design and manufacture process. Assembly must be precise, efficient and perfect owing to our own experienced, well-equipped and certified installation teams.

Relation and education guarantee success.

We stay in touch with our clients on every stage of the order process. We educate, show, aware so you experience and get experienced with us.

Each cooperation inspires us

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