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GRAFFICO company is a specialist in production of illuminated and large-scale signage. 20 years of experience, hard work and constant self-development have led us to the point where we can pride ourselves on the leading position on the Polish market.  We boast that we accomplished over 25 000 projects and we increased sales in Poland and abroad.

We offer innovative, integrated and carefully planned solutions to our counterparties. Owing to  experience, creativity, quality and full commitment of our team of experts we create both spectacular and effective visual identity, which noticeably boosts client’s brand building.

We specialize in branding and rebranding of petrol stations, car washes, banks and commercial properties. Moreover, we produce and install signage for individual clients, sales and service companies, network companies, cities and boroughs . Our flagship products are large-scale elements and constructions – both facade and free standing.


We offer a full-scale professional signage service ranging from designing, project realisation to audits and stock-taking.


Our position among leading companies on signage market offering visual marking for banking, commercial networks,  automotive, and petrol sectors is for us a real reward. It is also motivation for further hard work,  leading to success of our counterparties.

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